When you meet a new person, their smile is often the first thing that you notice. According to a survey conducted by the Academy of General Dentistry, 40 percent of people notice a coworker’s smile before any other feature. Ninety-six percent of survey respondents also reported that they believe a smile is an important part of a person’s appearance.

Smiling provides a wealth of positive outcomes. If you make a conscious effort to smile more often, it can improve the way people feel about you and enhance the mood of those around you.


Smiling Makes You More Likable

Smiling is a great way to break the ice in tense or awkward social situations. When you smile, it “makes you appear more approachable.” This is especially true when you meet someone for the first time or you’re interacting with people who don’t know you very well.

People are just naturally inclined to trust someone when they smile. When you don’t know very much about a person, their appearance is a key factor in how you regard them. There’s a lot of research to suggest that a person who is smiling “appears more trustworthy” than someone who has a neutral or negative expression.

Smiling Makes You More Attractive

Smiling improves the way people feel about you because it enhances how people see you. That’s why it will “make you a more appealing and attractive person to be around.” In fact, smiling is a key indicator of a positive disposition.

Studies demonstrate that people can increase their level of attractiveness simply by smiling. The exact same face is rated as more attractive when the person is smiling. There’s even a theory based on neuroscience which suggests that seeing people with happy faces improves “the emotional well-being of the observer.”

Smiling is Contagious

Have you ever noticed how some people can light up a whole room with their smile? Now there’s scientific evidence to suggest that smiling is actually contagious. You see, your brain contains something called mirror neurons which reflect the behavior of people around you.

According to an article in Scientific American magazine, when we see a person smiling, our mirror neurons “fire up,” stimulating a “cascade of neural activity.” You feel better when you see someone smile because your brain is designed to be aroused by it.

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