Protection from Sports-Related Injuries

When people participate in organized sports and other athletic activities, there’s a greater likelihood they’ll experience sports injuries. An effective way to help protect both kids and grownups from sustaining serious sports injuries is by providing them with high-quality mouthguards. The best place to get an effective, custom-fitted mouthguard is from your dentist, Dr. Winter in Beverly Hills, MI.

According to Dentistry Today, “Approximately one third of all dental injuries are sports related.” When we think about sports-related injuries, high-speed contact sports like football, martial arts, ice hockey, and basketball are typically the first sports to come to mind.

But even such non-contact sports as skating and gymnastics can result in injuries to the mouth, teeth, jaw, and gums. In fact, the Academy of Sports Dentistry has compiled a list of 40 sports in which protective mouth gear would be beneficial for participants.

What’s a Mouthguard?

A mouthguard is a flexible, custom-fitted device worn over teeth during athletic events or recreational activities to protect the soft tissue in the mouth from trauma. A mouthguard provides the following advantages:

  • Reducing the risk of sports injuries
  • Buffering damage to teeth
  • Protecting the cheek, especially for athletes who wear braces
  • Extra protection for athletes with fixed bridges and other dental work
  • Distributes the force of an impact over a wider area
  • Minimizes the risk of broken teeth and other damage to soft tissue
  • Helps athletes feel more confident

Your Custom-Fitted Mouthguard from Dr. Winter

The best way to protect yourself and your kids from sports-related mouth injuries by getting a custom-fitted mouthguard from Dr. Winter. The “boil and bite” mouthguards you’ll at find your local sporting goods store don’t provide the type of comprehensive protection you’ll get from a mouthguard provided by Dr. Winter.

Although mouth protectors typically only cover the upper teeth, your dentist or orthodontist may suggest that you use a mouth protector on the lower teeth if you have braces on these teeth too. Our mouthguards won’t slide around in your mouth because they’re firm-fitting and molded to fit your smile.

Call 248-642-3800 today. Dr. Winter at Advanced Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry has the perfect mouthguard for you.