What is a 3D digital CT Scan?

A 3D Digital CT Scan gives us an in-depth, comprehensive view of your mouth, including your teeth, jawbone, jaw joint and the sinuses. It gives us valuable information about a variety of oral conditions, including:

  • Position of wisdom teeth
  • Jaw-joint problems
  • Sinus problems
  • Receding bone levels resulting from periodontal disease
  • Abscesses
  • Dental implant planning, and positioning to avoid vital structures
  • Possible Cysts / Tumors of the jaws

Advantages over 2D Imaging (Panoramic)

  • More information – in 3D – showing the exact position of nerves, sinuses and other vital structures
  • Better planning – quality and quantity of bone can be assessed
  • Improved detail
  • More conservative treatment

Fast 3D Imaging Volume

The (15 x 15 x 15) cm³ volume is displayed at a resolution of 0.3 mm. Any partial volumes desired can be selected and subsequently reconstructed from the existing data set in a contrast resolution of 0.15 mm without an additional scan.