Our dentist in Beverly Hills, Michigan can restore teeth that have been damaged by injury or tooth decay using attractive tooth-colored fillings and crowns. That way, your tooth will be strong, healthy, and resistant to infection. What’s more, our crowns and fillings blend perfectly with your smile because they’re crafted to match your teeth in shape, size, and color.

What is a Dental Filling?

A filling is a treatment to restore a tooth damaged by decay. Tooth decay is a bacterial infection that eats away at your teeth, leaving a space that’s commonly referred to as a cavity. To restore a tooth that’s damaged by decay, Dr. Winter must first remove all decayed material and then clean out the affected area.

Next, Dr. Winter will fill the cavity with composite resin, restoring the tooth to full function. In addition to strengthening the tooth, this will also seal off the region, preventing cavity-causing bacteria from reentering the area. Composite fillings are made from durable resin, and they’re shaded to match the color of your smile, which makes them practically invisible. Composite fillings bond directly with the tooth, increasing its strength and preventing bacteria from seeping back into the tooth.

Dental Crowns

A crown is a permanent prosthetic that’s cemented on top of a tooth. The crown is also known as a cap that protects the tooth and restores it back to its full function. Our attractive porcelain crowns also improve the tooth’s aesthetics by enhancing its shape, color, and alignment. Dental crowns are very versatile and they can be used to remedy a number of issues.

For example, sometimes a tooth is so ravaged by decay that it cannot be restored with a regular filling. These cases require a dental crown to fill the cavity and preserve the strength of the tooth.

Crowns are also effective for restoring a broken or fractured tooth. Additionally, a crown restoration can be good for treating a severely stained tooth that is resistant to whitening, a misaligned tooth, or a poorly shaped tooth. After root canal therapy, a crown is used to restore the tooth and to protect it from infection.

Beautiful Smiles in Beverly Hills, MI

At Advanced Implant and Cosmetic Dentistry, we offer a variety of treatments to give you the smile you’ve been dreaming about. Call today to find out what our implants, crowns, fillings, and other cosmetic and restorative treatments can do for your smile.